Steffi Lynn

Hand Letterer - Illustrator - Designer

What impresses me most about Steffi Lynn's work how her style is recognizable but never feels redundant. She is a designer, illustrator, muralist, and has even designed and curated her own interactive museum. She is an inspiration not only style-wise, but also for showing there are no limitations to what you can accomplish as a designer. I would highly recommend one of her suncatcher stickers if you have a sunny window. Her product drops are hard for me to resist!

Lauren Martin

Illustrator - Designer

I found Lauren Martin's work during the beginning of lockdown. I quickly became a fan of her nostalgic illustration style. I was even more hooked when she designed album artwork for one of my favorite musicans, Cautious Clay. Not only are her character designs are adorable, they capture very specific places in time. Whether it be the essence of New York City, brunch on the weekend, or a classic American diner.